Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New Nightline debuts

ABC's new Nightline debuted late last night. Some folks are wondering why the network would debut the show on a night the broadcast is delayed because of Monday Night Football. Hard to imagine it was an oversight. Perhaps ABC didn't want a high profile debut.

Among the noticeable differences between the new and the old: the broadcast now originates from ABC's Times Square studio; it is now live in the Eastern time zone (as the supers remind you throughout the broadcast); and the bumps look more like 20/20. Then there is the most obvious difference: it takes three anchors to replace Ted Koppel. It would be unfair to compare Cynthia McFadden's interviewing skills or closing thoughts to Koppel's -- but, let's face it, no one does it as well as the Tedster. And it will take awhile to get used to Martin Bashir calling McFadden "Cynthier."

But, at least it's news programming.

Meanwhile, a profile of Koppel in New York magazine suggests that Koppel did not leave Nightline voluntarily, but was pushed out by David Westin. The piece, "Is Ted Koppel Still Working Out his Anger Issues?" also quotes the longtime ABC newsman as saying he and Tom Bettag may do a program called "The F-ing Media."

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